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Together We Are Strong:

Hoag Nurse Shares Her Gratitude for Hoag Donors

For Hoag nurse Cecy O’Berg, BSN, RN, PHN, PCCN, every workday is different, and that’s exactly how she likes it. Cecy works in the Float Pool of Hoag Hospital Newport Beach, which means that she works across a variety of departments. From the ER to Critical Care, “Anywhere they need nurses, I go.”

A Defining Moment

A Hoag nurse for eight years, Cecy’s ability to adapt is serving her well as the Hoag staff serves on the frontlines of the coronavirus. She remembers early on in the pandemic when she first got the call.

“My phone rang like any other day, but I had a funny feeling,” Cecy said. A text message confirmed that her unit, 5 West, would become a cohort for COVID-19 infected patients. “Immediately, my heart sank, but I quickly recovered in this unbelievable and surreal moment,” she said. She wasn’t alone in feeling trepidation about joining the front lines; her fellow nurses shared her apprehension.

Uncertainty soon turned to business as usual once Cecy realized how well-supported she, along with all of Hoag’s staff, would be. Hoag immediately provided Cecy and her colleagues with information and education regarding how to work safely, protect patients and protect themselves. “We had questions, and Hoag had answers. Hoag’s Infection Prevention Department had an answer for everything. I think that’s what made us nurses feel so confident,” she said.

Hoag’s Generous Donors Support Hoag in Responding to COVID-19

To date, donors have contributed more than $6M to Hoag’s COVID-19 fundraising efforts, which include a Hoag COVID-19 Support Fund. Hoag is using philanthropy to help fund COVID-19 research, additional personal protective equipment (PPE) and areas of greatest need as they emerge.

Knowing that many health care workers across the U.S. and around the world are struggling without PPE, Cecy is deeply grateful for Hoag’s high level of preparedness and to the donors, who are helping ensure Hoag staff will be protected for the duration.

“I really want to thank our donors,” said Cecy. “Because of their giving, we never have to worry about our supplies of PPE. There is never a question.” Not having to worry about a lack of protective equipment and other vital supplies gives Hoag's frontline staff more than just peace of mind, “Knowing the community is behind us really allows us to focus on delivering the best care for our patients. 

Hoag nurses pivoted rapidly to respond to COVID-19, and Cecy feels they did so with grace and professionalism. “Hoag plays an important role for our patients and surrounding communities in Orange County. I am so proud of Hoag nurses and physicians, and of our community that supports us, because together we are strong,” she said.

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