Devotion and care.


Hoag would not be at the forefront of the medical field today if not for the hard work and dedication of our nurses. Hoag leaders recognize that we can help our nurses spearhead best practices, leading-edge therapies and navigate complex conditions and treatment options by providing continuing education opportunities. The benefits of this commitment to continuing education are twofold. Patient care is impacted greatly, as are the lives of our staff, which are personally enriched. Opportunities for development and career advancement help maintain Hoag’s exceptional level of nursing excellence as well as attract and retain the best and brightest nurses.


Eighty-three percent of Hoag nurses hold advanced degrees, a stellar achievement that we plan to continuously build upon. Because of this, Hoag holds Magnet® status, which places Hoag in the top six percent of health care organizations in the US. Magnet® status is the highest honor an organization can receive for professional nursing practice, an achievement made possible by scholarships generous donors provide. Together, we must turn our focus to the future to advance the practice of nursing in the coming decades, both locally and nationwide.

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Our Stories

Donors, patients and their families, physicians, nurses, community members—these are the people who make up the Hoag family. These are their stories. Everyone at Hoag is proud and honored to have played a part in so many stories of hope, healing, giving and compassion.