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Hoag Innovators

The Hoag Innovators, founded and led by former Hoag Hospital Foundation Board Chair Robert Brunswick and his wife Kitty, is a group of philanthropists, entrepreneurs and community leaders who are dedicated to catalyzing innovation at Hoag.

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Leading And Inspiring

“This will be a great opportunity to get an inside look at medical breakthroughs directly from Hoag physicians, and it’s my hope that our group’s activation will spur others to participate in supporting Hoag’s innovation strategy.”

~ Robert Brunswick, Hoag Innovators Co-Founder and former Hoag Hospital Foundation Board of Directors Chair


The Innovators meet twice a year to learn about the latest advancements in medicine from Hoag’s leading physicians in a social setting and recommend how best to allocate their pooled philanthropic gifts to catalyze innovation and advance Hoag.


To become part of Hoag Innovators, donors contribute $250,000 or more to the Innovators Fund. Gifts may be pledged over a period of up to five years and qualify donors to access Hoag’s Benefactor Program.

Additionally, irrevocable estate gifts of $1,000,000 or more to the Innovators Endowment Fund qualify donors for participation in Hoag Innovators and Hoag’s Benefactor Program. When realized, estate gifts will be pooled into the Innovators Endowment Fund, which will provide the enduring support needed to drive Hoag’s leadership in health care innovation for years to come. To learn more about how you can contribute to Hoag Innovators, contact us below.


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Hoag Innovators Impact

Through collective generosity and strategic investment, Hoag Innovators continues to make a significant impact on Hoag and its innovation strategy.

These advances simply would not be possible without the Innovators’ philanthropy and, as a result, Hoag is better equipped to provide innovative and world-class care to our community.

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Hoag Innovators Spring 2024 Meeting

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