Hoag Orthopedics


Hoag Orthopedics

Relentless in their mission of advancing orthopedic research, education and outreach, Hoag Orthopedics is making a difference in the lives of patients in our community and beyond. Nationally renowned orthopedic surgeons, who are committed to sharing knowledge and advancing the field, lead the organization. Philanthropy is the catalyst for the team’s discovery of new ways to treat orthopedic diseases and disorders, clinical research studies that improve care delivery and outcomes and programs that train the next generation of exceptional clinicians.


Hoag Orthopedics is nationally recognized for its expertise and leadership. Innovators and industry leaders alike consistently look to Hoag Orthopedics for their partnership in developing new diagnostic and treatment modalities. The impact–nothing short of transforming orthopedic care on both a local and national scale.


Donor support is driving extraordinary progress at Hoag Orthopedics, including enabling meaningful research, expanding the team, and facilitating orthopedic education, all intended to broaden the impact on patients, orthopedic care providers, and the community.


For more information on giving opportunities in support of Hoag Orthopedics, please contact Sean Fischer, Director of Development, at 949-557-0269 or Sean.Fischer@hoag.org.

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