Spiritual Life


Spiritual Life

Hoag serves all faith traditions and welcomes spiritual leaders from diverse traditions to lend support to our community, ensuring spiritual and emotional care in addition to the physical. Spiritual care at Hoag is inclusive and emphasizes the spiritual direction, prayers and rituals that bring peace during difficult times. Hoag Pastoral Care is nationally accredited to offer professional education for ministry graduate students known as Clinical Pastoral Education. Hoag-trained chaplains complete their residency training at Hoag, which significantly enhances our ratio of chaplains to patients in Hoag facilities.


The search for meaning and purpose for those receiving treatment, as well as those providing the treatment, make the Spiritual Life Program at Hoag profound, inclusive and team-centered. Spiritual and emotional care is often not covered by insurance, but at Hoag, chaplains provide services dedicated to meeting the spiritual needs of patients and their families as well as our physicians, nurses, staff and the community at large at no cost.


As spiritual and emotional care is often not covered by insurance, philanthropic support is a vital resource that allows Hoag to continue providing exceptional care for our patients and their loved ones, as well as our staff and community, at no cost. Your generosity also allows Hoag to train others to provide the same level of spiritual care. Donor support will sustain and grow a variety of Spiritual Life Programs at Hoag.


For more information on giving opportunities in support of Spiritual Life, contact Jessica Dostis, Major Gifts Officer, at (949) 764-7264 or Jessica.Dostis@hoag.org.

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