Sports Medicine Fellow Bailey Johnson, MD, Set Her Sights on Orthopedics from a Young Age

Ranked in the top 30 best orthopedic hospitals by U.S. News & World Report’s 2022-2023 “Best Hospitals” list, the Hoag Orthopedic Institute offers physicians out of residency specialized fellowship training from some of the country’s most renowned surgeons. Thanks in large part to philanthropy, these one-year fellowship programs include Adult Reconstruction and Total Joint Replacement, Surgical Spine, and Sports Medicine. Dr. Bailey Johnson, who began her sports medicine fellowship in August 2022, said, “Not everyone gets a fellowship. I’m incredibly honored and grateful to be a part of this program.” Dr. Johnson had her sights set on orthopedics from a young age. After recovering from a sports injury in college, she was attracted to the role orthopedic surgeons play in helping people recover mobility and return to the activities they love.   

Hoag’s program appealed to Dr. Johnson due to its multidisciplinary approach and emphasis on quality outcomes, active education, and community outreach. “Hoag works with so many different teams and a variety of athletes—the Chargers, of course, which is an incredible opportunity, but also local high schools and colleges. You get to see athletics at multiple different levels.” By participating in up to 800 surgical cases each year, fellows gain valuable hands-on experience that prepares them for any number of complex cases they might face in their careers. From surgical and clinical experience to sideline management, Dr. Johnson is looking forward to honing her skills, learning from Hoag’s faculty, and collaborating with physical therapists, nurses, and trainers to get patients back on their feet. 

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