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New Nursing Education Center Opens

After years in the making, the Marion Knott Nursing Education Center opens

After years in the making, the Marion Knott Nursing Education Center opened in February – providing both Hoag nurses and those from the surrounding area state-of-the-art facilities to enhance their knowledge of health care best practices.

Inspired by the statewide nursing shortage and the challenge by Marion Knott for the community to meet this obstacle head-on, the Marion Knott Nursing Education Center has come to fruition. Created to educate Hoag’s current nursing staff, new hires and nursing students from area colleges, the Center features dedicated classroom space and the latest hospital and teaching technology.

“The opening of the Nursing Education Center demonstrates Hoag Hospital’s commitment to the development of our nurses, and belief in the importance of nurses to patient care,” states Rick Martin, MSN, RN, senior vice president of patient care services and chief nursing officer. “Recognizing that nurses play a vital role in the care we provide, this investment in their growth was a natural course of action.”

The journey began years ago with the inception of Hoag Hospital’s Choose Nursing, Choose Hoag task force. Their efforts led to a generous $700,000 donation from Marion Knott, and her challenge for others to follow suit. As a result, many community members stepped up to show their support and do their part to help avert the severe nursing shortage from affecting Hoag.

A Foundation task force, Choose Nursing, Choose Hoag continues to raise funds in support of Hoag’s nursing education initiatives. Education turns aspiring students into new nurses; orients new nurses to best practices; and advances the careers of established nurses by encouraging them to stay on the leading edge of technology and to mentor others.

The ongoing efforts of Choose Nursing, Choose Hoag help Hoag to attract and retain the best and brightest nurses by offering nursing scholarships, supporting nursing professors, and by offering continuing education programs through the Marion Knott Nursing Education Center.

“Without generous supporters like Ms. Knott and the many contributors who lend their support, the future of Hoag’s registered nurse workforce may be compromised,” explains Ken Beall, chairman of the Choose Nursing, Choose Hoag task force. “But through donor commitment to Hoag Hospital nursing programs, Hoag will continue to provide exceptional care to the community it serves.”

Thanks to Choose Nursing, Choose Hoag and the significant support of Hoag donors, the vision of the Marion Knott Nursing Education Center has become a reality.

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