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Heartful Gratitude

Hoag Nurse Scholarship Recipients Express Heartful Gratitude

Here are excerpts from thank you letters from nurses who received scholarships through Choose Nursing, Choose Hoag and are overflowing with gratitude.

“Thank you all so very much for your financial support towards the obtainment of my Master’s in Nursing Science. As a single mom with a daughter attending UCLA, I really appreciate your generosity. Education is a gift that provides opportunity for real and lasting change. Thank you again from me and my family.”

“It is my privilege and honor to be able to write this letter of sincere appreciation and thanks. With the economy in crises and education fees being increased, this scholarship makes it possible for me to continue another year toward my Master’s degree in Nursing and become a nurse practitioner.”

“I believe nursing is not just a job but also a responsibility to the public and community you serve. I believe in excellence in nursing. That is why I chose Hoag. It has a vision and a community that supports it. Thank you.”

“I wanted to keep a promise made to my father in which I would achieve my bachelor’s degree. I also wanted to set a good example for my son. This would not have been achievable without your donation. Thank you for your help.”

“The field of nursing is a profession unlike any other. We touch so many lives; providing each individual with careful, thoughtful and precise services. It’s those who support nursing education that make this possible. Thank you for your generosity, our patients thank you as well!”

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