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Never Too Young


When boredom strikes, some of us opt to binge watch our favorite TV shows. But the Muir kids – Cooper, 10; Vivian, 8; and June, 5 – decided to raise money for Hoag.

Vivian came up with the idea that they each invest $5 to purchase the lemonade and cookies. Cooper and his friend hopped onto their bikes and rode to the grocery store for supplies. Vivian and June went to work on the signs.

June was very excited when a couple drove up and ordered only $2 worth of treats but paid $15 for the donation.

When their mom, Amy Muir, R.N., Hoag Ambulatory Services came home from work, they had sold out of lemonade. A few cookies were left over but they had raised $30.

“The kids did it all on their own,” she says.

“We were unsupervised,” Cooper adds with a mischievous grin.

This wasn’t the first time the Muir kids operated a philanthropic lemonade stand. Last year, they raised funds for victims of the earthquake in Mexico.

“We heard that people really needed help,” Vivian says.

Proud Hoag Family

Dad, Jason Muir, M.D., works closely with fellow epilepsy and stroke specialists while serving as Program Director of Hoag Neurophysiology Services. Their next lemonade stand will again raise funds for Hoag.

“I want the money to go to heart surgeries and brain medicine,” June says. Vivian agrees but Cooper would like to see his portion go to Hoag Orthopedics. He’s looking ahead as he plans to be a sports agent when he grows up.

The Hoag Hospital Foundation thanks the entire Muir Family for their generosity to Hoag.


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