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Burak M. Ozgur, M.D.

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Supporting Outstanding Care in Orange County

When Jerry Jones and his wife Pat learned that she needed cervical disc surgery, they talked to their friends and researched physicians. The more they learned, the more they considered traveling to Germany to get the best outcome for her condition. But, when they spoke with Michael Brant-Zawadzki, M.D., Ron & Sandi Simon Executive Medical Director Endowed Chair at Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute and Rick Martin, R.N., M.S.N., Ed.D., senior vice president and chief nursing officer at Hoag, they heard one name: Burak M. Ozgur, M.D., chief of service, Neurosurgery Spine Program at Hoag.

“Dr. Ozgur was very familiar with the procedure we were considering, but he recommended a different course of treatment,” Jerry recalls. “Pat felt very confident about his recommendation, and we went to Hoag.”

After her surgery, Pat was completely pain free and experienced a very good range of motion. Their experience moved them to support a nurse navigator for Hoag Neurosurgery Spine Program. When Dr. Ozgur learned of their gift, he was honored.

“I find it very fulfilling when a patient feels grateful. When patients choose to support our work, it helps us do more,” he says.

The nurse navigator for Hoag Neurosurgery Spine Program effectively narrows the gap between diagnosis and receiving life-changing treatment. The nurse navigator not only assists patients by arranging appointments, he or she helps them quickly access Hoag’s resources as well as assists in charting a course through the health care system as a whole. “When some of my patients first come to me, they can barely walk and do the things that we take for granted,” Dr. Ozgur adds. “But when their treatment is efficiently managed, getting them walking and active again, they come back crying tears of joy because their lives have been returned to them.”

As a retired healthcare executive, Jerry feels very passionate about the future of innovation and patient outcomes. Gifts like his ensure care resources will continue and improve at Hoag.

“We need to contribute to make sure we have the best health options available with superior care paths here at Hoag,” he said. “When Hoag recruits exceptional doctors like Dr. Ozgur, we will keep outstanding care in our region.”

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