From the Chair


In Service to Hoag and to Each Other

Those of us who have been touched by Hoag’s best-in-class health care know the importance of having exceptional hospitals and physicians right in your own backyard. It gives me great pride to share my time and talents with the Hoag Hospital Foundation to make sure others have that same peace of mind.

I am excited about Hoag’s future because I see the plans and efforts constantly in motion. The Sun Family Campus in Irvine continues to rise, getting closer every day to bringing more of Hoag’s comprehensive and innovative care to more people. This growth is bolstered by the Boldly Hoag campaign guiding our philanthropic course and the many donors, friends, and partners who are helping reach our ambitious fundraising goal. 

Hoag is not just about expanding and building but also about connecting exceptional health care professionals, state-of-the-art resources, and the latest research to help our community stay healthy. I feel grateful that Hoag is driven by the mission to provide world-class, personalized, accessible health care, right here in Orange County.

My Hoag Hospital Foundation Board colleagues are leaders with giving spirits and passion for bringing health care to the community, just like all the people in Hoag's history who shared that vision. It is up to all of us to continue that excellence for our families, friends, and future. I am inspired to help shape Hoag through the power of philanthropy and am encouraged by the dedication of those who support this great health system along the way.



Debbie Margolis

Chair, Hoag Hospital Foundation Board



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