Hoag Innovators Funded Project Harnesses the Power of AI to Enhance Imaging at Hoag


With advances in CT technology, the amount of data and information presented to the radiologist is immense. Imaging studies that once consisted of 50-60 slices through a region of the body now comprise hundreds or even thousands of images. These data-rich exams must be carefully but expeditiously evaluated to diagnose subtle abnormalities that may be life threatening.  

Artificial intelligence is at the forefront of the national conscience with a range of applications from mundane to labor-intensive tasks. In the past few years, medical imaging companies have concentrated on developing algorithms to assist in the detection and timely reporting of critical abnormalities on CT scans. The Hoag Innovators’ investment will help bring artificial intelligence to the Radiology Department at Hoag.   


Hoag Radiology partnered with Aidoc, an industry-leading AI company specializing in lesion detection and care team coordination. Hoag’s radiology team implemented five algorithms to detect pathology on CT scans: intracranial hemorrhage, pulmonary embolism, incidental pulmonary embolism, aortic dissection, and rib fracture. The team also worked with Aidoc to develop care team notification tools that allow the radiologist to immediately convey important imaging findings to the appropriate care team through an encrypted smartphone app. The combination of rapid diagnosis along with expedited care team notification has resulted in further improvements in the ability of Hoag physicians to deliver life-saving treatments when minutes matter. Since July of 2022: 

105,000 imaging studies at Hoag have been analyzed with Aidoc.

4,400 studies were flagged with positive findings.

80 workstations at Hoag are running Aidoc.

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