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Hoag Promise Volunteer Spotlight

Lin Auer

Lin Auer counts Hoag as one of her blessings in life. She and her late husband Al Auer have a long-time history with Hoag. The couple was married in 1988 and, shortly after, Lin joined the 552 Club and became involved with Christmas Carol Ball and Circle 1000. Al served as Chairman of the Hoag Hospital Board from 1991-1998 and, as Lin puts it, “he lived and breathed Hoag hospital.”

Al and Lin both knew having a world-class hospital in their community was a necessity, but it wasn’t until they were both diagnosed with cancer that it became personal to them. “To live in Newport Beach and not have to go to another medical center for our treatment was important to us,” explains Lin. 

Lin is a member of the Hoag Promise Campaign Advisory Committees for both Hoag Family Cancer Institute and the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute as well as a member of the Hoag Promise Campaign Steering Committee;however, she considers her primary role to be “Hoag’s cheerleader.” By attending committee meetings and Hoag events, Lin hears directly from Hoag leadership and physicians about advancements in medicine and technology happening at Hoag.

“Getting to know the doctors and empowering myself with more information to disseminate into the community is one of my favorite aspects of being a volunteer,” explains Lin. “Hoag provides the highest quality of innovative programs and comprehensive health services to our community through advancements in technology and research to deliver excellence in patient care. The level of quality care that Hoag can provide in this community is astounding and so many people are completely unaware of it.

Lin sees it as her mission to make her network more aware. Many people often feel overwhelmed with their health care journey and thanks to Lin’s personal health history and involvement with the Campaign, she is sympathetic to what others are going through and can be a conduit to the help they need. “I feel like I’m giving something back, learning something for myself, and at the same time paying it forward,” adds Lin.

Lin’s role as a campaign volunteer has been a catalyst for a number of new volunteers and gifts for the Hoag Promise Campaign. Whether it’s hosting a salon in her home to hear from a physician or inviting her friends to a Hoag Hospital Foundation event, Lin has seen first-hand how educating others about Hoag can make an impact on not only the health care of her friends but also their desire to support Hoag. 

As a Hoag donor and benefactor, Lin has supported Circle 1000, the Hoag Family Cancer Institute and Memory & Cognitive Disorders within the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute.

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