Clinical Pilot of Cognitive Screening in Acute Care Settings: Cognivue

Setting the Standard for Cognitive Health Assessments


There is no current standard of care for assessing cognitive health within the U.S. In addition to increased age, a number of medical conditions, diseases, and health episodes can cause cognitive decline. Identifying changes in cognitive function at the earliest possible time will help ensure appropriate triage and diagnosis, ultimately leading the patient to the right treatment plan sooner.


Cognivue is the first FDA-cleared technology for self-administered computerized cognitive assessment. Test results are provided for six cognitive domains, including visual perception, attention, language, memory, delayed recall, and abstraction. With Hoag Innovators’ funding, Hoag was the first in Southern California to implement Cognivue to conduct routine cognitive function screenings across a broad range of neurological disorders.


•  Cognivue devices have been deployed in Hoag’s Epilepsy Monitoring Unit and Outpatient Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic.

•  600 patients have received neurological assessments with Cognivue through the clinical pilot to date.

•  Because diabetes is a significant risk factor for cognitive decline, Hoag’s Memory & Cognitive Disorders Program is partnering with the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center to implement Cognivue screenings for diabetes patients at the center.

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