Hoag Innovators-Funded Technology Cognivue Increases Access to Cognitive Screening

Hoag Innovators is a group of donors with a shared vision for advancing health care innovation at Hoag by investing their collected philanthropic gifts into initiatives led by clinical staff. In spring 2022, the Hoag Innovators elected to fund a clinical pilot of cognitive screening technology, Cognivue. It is the first FDA-cleared technology for self-administered computerized assessment, and it can be administered by non-professional staff. In addition to increased age, several medical conditions can cause cognitive decline, making it imperative to identify changes in cognitive function at the earliest time to ensure appropriate diagnosis and treatment. With the Hoag Innovators’ funding, Hoag was the first in Southern California to implement Cognivue to conduct routine cognitive function screenings across a broad range of neurological disorders.  

More than 400 people have received neurological assessments with Cognivue through the clinical pilot and that number is continuing to grow. Devices are being deployed in Hoag’s Epilepsy Monitoring Unit, outpatient Neuropsychological Assessment Clinic and more are being implemented in Hoag’s newly launched Center for Integrative Brain Health, Hoag Medical Group primary care offices and outpatient neurological clinics. The shared vision of Hoag Innovators is vital to advancing health care and the collaborative decision-making of the group is a unique method that empowers supporters to engage in Hoag’s groundbreaking projects. Because of philanthropic support, our clinical teams have the resources to innovate and enhance patient care. 

Click here to learn more about how Hoag Innovators is supporting health care breakthroughs.  

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