2022 Circle 1000 Committee Members

Circle 1000 is a Hoag Hospital Foundation support group benefitting Hoag Cancer Center at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach.  A group of more than 19 women serve on the Founders’ Committee and more than 600 donors support Circle 1000.  Many of the committee members and supporters have survived cancer, experienced the loss of a family member or friend, or are going through treatment to battle the disease.

Sheryl Anderson*

Frances Applegate**

Jill Aschieris

Lin Auer*

Vicki Booth*

Mary V. Buckingham*

Terry Callahan

Kenna Crouch

Katie Flamson

Heather Gaughan

Sue Hagestad*

Nikki Ham

Jan Turner Hering

Bethany Knapp*

Marianne Larkin

Karen Linden*

Katie Maggard

Lori McKay

Lacy Robertson

Ginny Ueberroth**

Kelli Weeks

Jessica Werner


*Past chairs

** Members of the original 1987 Circle 1000 Founders' Committee

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