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The Legacy of Winslow Maxwell Continues to Have a Profoundly Positive Impact Through Support of the Lung Cancer Program at Hoag Family Cancer Institute

Winslow (Win) Maxwell was a vibrant man who lived life to the fullest and gave generously. With Win’s passing in 1999, the dedicated trustee of his estate, real estate lawyer Scott Pollard, has served to further his legacy of philanthropy. According the Scott, Win had a great affinity for Hoag. As a result, Scott has continued to direct funds to Hoag on behalf of the Winslow Maxwell Charitable Trust.

Most recently, the trust has made a significant five-year pledge to support the Lung Cancer Program at Hoag Family Cancer Institute. This is fitting. Win was treated for lung cancer at Hoag and, according to Scott, he was a man interested in  seeing the results of his actions. By supporting the lung cancer program, Win’s legacy is helping Hoag to develop an integrated program that will have a direct and positive impact on outcomes.

Hoag Family Cancer Institute Executive Medical Director, Burton Eisenberg, M.D., Grace E. Hoag Endowed Chair, acknowledges that lung cancer is responsible for more cancer deaths than any other type of cancer. “Lung cancer requires a very specialized and comprehensive approach,” he says. “We are very grateful that the Winslow Maxwell Charitable Trust has made this important gift.”

To build the nationally-renowned program, Dr. Eisenberg is making strategic recruitments of clinical program leaders. He shares that the program will incorporate advanced biomarker tests that will enhance screening and early detection. Additionally, clinical trials will play a crucial role going forward. 

“The infrastructure for a premier lung cancer program is very costly and must be supported by philanthropy to be sustainable,” adds Dr. Eisenberg. “This gift helps to support that infrastructure and is vital for the program growth and development.” 

Blessed to carry Win’s vision of making a difference into the future, Scott knows that his friend would be pleased with the gift to Hoag. “Acting as a trustee for Win’s trust is a wonderful way for me to honor my longtime friend and client,” he says. “I get a lot of satisfaction in knowing that Win is still doing good for people because that was always his goal.” 

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