Elevating the Patient Experience: Five Design Concepts Inspiring Hoag’s Irvine Expansion

Building on the success of the last 70 years, Hoag is expanding in Irvine to increase access to its specialized, comprehensive services for patients in South Orange County and beyond. The new Sun Family Campus on Sand Canyon, scheduled to open in 2026, will include dedicated services centers for women’s health, cancer, and digestive health. Based on the latest advances in health care, architecture, hospitality, and customer service, expansion for Hoag means re-envisioning what a health care system can be—not only the logistics of delivering world-class care but also the way spaces look and how they make people feel.   Supported by Boldly Hoag, the Hoag Hospital Foundation’s $300 million capital campaign, new facilities will continue to elevate the patient experience Hoag is known for throughout Orange County. Five key design concepts are driving the transformation: 

1. A village aesthetic. More closely resembling a university than a hospital, the Sun Family Campus, with the first phase of construction to be complete in 2026, will accommodate a network of specialized service centers that stand at no more than three to four stories high, bringing buildings closer to eye level and making spaces more intimate and welcoming to patients and visitors. 

2. Institute-specific buildings. Pavilions dedicated to women’s health, cancer, and digestive health will further tailor the patient experience based on need.  

3. Direct contact with nature. New and existing buildings will be connected by landscape, such as lawns and gardens, incorporating the healing power of nature into the health care journey and providing patients, visitors, and staff alike with spaces to decompress and recharge. 

4. High-tech and high-touch elements. Courtyards, decks, natural sunlight, and organic building materials like wood and stone will balance high-performance glass, metal panels, and state-of-the-art technology to emphasize Hoag’s compassionate approach to care. 

5. An advanced, cross-industry approach. Borrowing from various fields, Hoag is rethinking everything, from parking to food and beverage, lab services, laundry, and more, ensuring easy access to facilities and amenities and a streamlined patient experience from check in to discharge. 

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