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Pacific Life Foundation Supports Hoag Hospital Irvine

Pacific Life and Hoag, two community icons that share a passion for excellence, have a long association that began in 1972 when Pacific Life moved its headquarters to Newport Beach. Then CEO Walter Gerken became involved with Hoag and started a tradition of support that several Pacific Life executives have carried on including current Chairman, President and CEO, Jim Morris.

A member of the Hoag Hospital Foundation Board of Directors, Jim lends his expertise to guide the board in sound investing, spending and reporting as well as introducing potential donors to Hoag. He is motivated by the fact that many of his employees turn to Hoag for their health care. That initial motivation has deepened into a respect and appreciation for Hoag’s mission.

“There is a tremendous value to having a high quality healthcare provider like Hoag in the area,” he says. “I’m impressed that Hoag leaders, with Dr. Afable at the forefront, are open-minded about making the most of the opportunity that change represents. I find Hoag’s approach exciting and support Hoag’s leadership position in shaping the future of health care in Orange County.”

Tradition of Community Involvement

Aside from sharing the time and talent of top Pacific Life executives, the company has included Hoag in its charitable giving through the Pacific Life Foundation. To commemorate the opening of Hoag Hospital Irvine (HHI), the Pacific Life Foundation donated $250,000 and will be recognized as a Founding Partner on the donor wall in the HHI lobby.

“Given the large employee base we have in Orange County, particularly in Irvine, we know that many of our people will go to that new facility when they need care,” says Jim. “We are all proud of knowing that we helped make a great community hospital even better.”

Corporate and employee giving is a cornerstone of the Pacific Life culture. The Pacific Life Foundation, established in 1984, is managed by an employee board which oversees where the Foundation spends its funds, which are awarded through a grant application process. Health and human services organizations represent more than half of the $5.5 million that the Pacific Life Foundation gives every year.

“Many of our employees are philanthropic and get involved with local non-profits,” says Jim. “In fact, we are very proud of our employee volunteer corp in our communities, The Good Guys. Supported by the company and our foundation, The Good Guys conducted 52 organized volunteer days in Orange County in 2010.

Jim himself is involved with Junior Achievement of Orange County and, as a member of that board, he volunteers his time to be in classrooms teaching Junior Achievement courses. He relishes the hands-on involvement and hearing directly from students who are impacted by the non-profit organization he supports. He is inspired by the words of John Wooden, “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.”

Continuum of Wellbeing

Pacific Life is deeply committed to the well being of its constituents. Its iconic company logo, the majestic humpback whale which is intertwined with the Pacific Life brand identity, represents the company’s values of strength, performance and protection. According to Jim, the Pacific Life company culture is exemplified by service and integrity.

“We are part of a continuum of an individual’s well being,” says Jim. “Good health and financial well being are vital to everyone. Hoag and Pacific Life are both known for being high quality organizations and both exist for the benefit of the people we serve and not for the benefit of public shareholders. The values of our two organizations are aligned in a lot of ways.”

To learn more about how you can support Hoag Hospital Irvine, contact Greg Gissendanner at (949) 517-3135 or Greg.Gissendanner@hoag.org.

Hoag Hospital Irvine and Hoag Orthopedic Institute, located in the heart of corporate Orange County, were highly anticipated by the business community as well as local residents. During the day, the population of Irvine expands from over 210,000 to over 325,000 as people commute into Irvine to work. Until Hoag Hospital Irvine opened in September 2010, Irvine was without a general acute care hospital for 18 months.

Many companies with Irvine-based employees have recognized the value of Hoag Hospital Irvine and Hoag Orthopedic Institute to the health and well being of their workforce. Corporate support is playing an important role in assisting Hoag’s Irvine campus in providing outstanding health care to the Irvine and South Orange County communities.

“Companies like Pacific Life, VIZIO and Mark IV Capital, Inc. appreciate that we’re here to help their employees and communities and they’re showing it with their support,” says Robert Braithwaite, chief administrative office, Hoag Hospital Irvine. “Many companies support Hoag Hospital Irvine in a visible way to let their constituents know that they care about the health of their employees and the communities in which they live, work and play.”

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