Delivery of Care Reimagined

Empowered by philanthropy, newly renovated clinical areas are elevating the patient experience and expanding the realm of what’s possible.


As Hoag continues to push the boundaries of innovative and patient-first health care, two new clinical spaces in cancer and digestive health reflect a reimagining of the delivery of comprehensive and integrated health care. Thanks to generous donor support, the Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center at Hoag Hospital Newport Beach recently underwent a full renovation of its second and third floors. Philanthropy also enabled the design and construction of the new Digestive Health Institute Clinic at Hoag Health Center Newport Beach on the Mike & Lori Gray Campus, which opened to patients in January. Each space was thoughtfully designed to accommodate the latest advances in medicine, foster collaboration between specialists, and ultimately enhance the experience for every patient.

Expanding Access to Subspecialized Cancer Care

With a growing number of cutting-edge clinical trials, expertise in innovative approaches like precision medicine, and a commitment to retaining the best and brightest oncologic physicians, the Hoag Family Cancer Institute is emerging as a nationally recognized destination for cancer care. Not only has this reinforced Hoag’s position as Orange County’s number one provider of cancer care, it also means more and more patients travel to the Hoag Family Cancer Institute from outside the community. The expanded Patty & George Hoag Cancer Center means Hoag can serve this growing number of patients while continuing to invest in programs and research that provide access to scientific advances in real time.

Patients Come First

A welcoming and calming modern aesthetic along with elements that honor patients’ individual preferences convey that patients come first. The new infusion center was designed to offer patients the choice of receiving treatment in a private, peaceful area or in a setting that allows for connection and conversation with fellow patients and loved ones. In the Satellite Lab, innovative technology provides a rapid blood test, which decreases the time it takes for the blood analysis required prior to receiving an infusion, saving the patient from making a separate lab appointment and streamlining the care process. The Satellite Lab and dedicated pharmacy provide greater capacity for the Hoag Family Cancer Institute to open sophisticated clinical trials in cell therapy and precision medicine, all with the goal of arming patients with therapeutic options that go beyond the standard of care.

Better Together

The redesign also means medical, surgical, and radiation oncologists are all providing care under one roof, enhancing ease of access and coordination of care for the patient while driving increased physician communication and collaboration. Building camaraderie among physicians not only fosters the Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s team-based approach to cancer care but also makes everyone better. Dori Holnagel, MBA, vice president of the Hoag Family Cancer Institute, described it this way: “In medicine, doctors are constantly thinking about what else can be done for their patients. Part of the thinking process and stimulation of new ideas comes from spontaneous conversations and in-person connections with other physician-scientists. The new cancer center is the vehicle for that to take place.”

Redefining Digestive

Health Care

When it comes to caring for patients with digestive conditions, Hoag’s Digestive Health Institute prides itself on thinking outside the box. “Our goal is to incorporate every discipline into our patients’ care and practice an integrative way of medicine,” said Elizabeth Raskin, MD, surgical director of the Margolis Family Inflammatory Bowel Disease Program. The formula might not be the same for every patient. In fact, Digestive Health Institute practitioners believe strongly that it shouldn’t be. Each patient receives a customized care plan, deliberately and thoughtfully developed by a team of specialists. This commitment helped guide the design of the new Digestive Health Institute Clinic.

A Team Approach

In the new clinic, the Digestive Health Institute’s physicians, who are experts in each area of the digestive tract, see patients in four pods that each house four exam rooms. Having all of these subspecialized clinicians practicing in the same location facilitates the multidisciplinary approach that can lead a patient to a more comprehensive and effective treatment plan. Crohn’s disease, for example, affects the entire GI tract, and a patient may benefit from input from the colorectal surgeon or esophagus specialist in addition to the gastroenterologist. Nearby the exam pods, two consultation rooms provide a place for registered dietitians, nurse navigators, and care coordinators to come alongside patients and further personalize their health journey. “The new space allows us to build teams around each patient’s specific needs,” said Dr. Raskin. The added benefit for the patient is accessing each of these team members in one convenient location.

A Holistic, Integrated Model

Along with clinician collaboration, the design of the space itself is intended to promote a sense of health and well-being for every patient who comes through its doors. Open space, airy hallways, a wellness bar with nutritious dietary options, and the incorporation of natural elements and textures all contribute to an enhanced patient experience at the Digestive Health Institute Clinic. The new space is also conducive to integrating holistic approaches that address the whole person. This includes practices like meditation and mindfulness and aromatherapy, which can help elicit a sense of comfort and calm. “The new space and what we’re offering in it are meant to be analogous to how we feel when we’re in good health,” said Dr. Raskin. “It says to patients that we care how you feel when you’re here because we care how you feel overall.”

The entrance to the Digestive Health Institute Clinic welcomes patients with a soothing design, a health bar with samples of healing foods and beverages, and information about additional wellness therapies such as meditation.

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