Clinical Research at Hoag


Bringing Leading Therapies Directly to Patients

Across Hoag, clinical leaders and physician-scientists are conducting cutting-edge clinical trials, setting out to make discoveries at the forefront of health care and improve treatment options for patients in Orange County and around the country. Supported in part by philanthropy, studies range in specialty and scope, including but not limited to cardiac disease, diabetes, gastrointestinal disease, infectious disease, neurology, and oncology. 

By testing the latest developments in medicine, Hoag is bringing innovation directly to its patients. Those for whom traditional treatment options have been exhausted can find hope in clinical research on the most promising novel therapies. In some cases, Hoag is one of only a few sites in the world to offer such trials. 

This kind of access to the most advanced technology and therapeutic modalities is of tremendous benefit to the community and to the field more broadly. As Hoag physicians work to lead their specialties forward, Hoag’s reputation as a destination for world-class care is elevated among top academic medical centers. In turn, Hoag is able to continue recruiting some of the best physicians in the country, offering resources and opportunities commensurate with academic medical centers in a more nimble, flexible environment. 

Hoag’s environment and culture—largely influenced by its mission to serve the community—is made possible by the ongoing support of donors who believe deeply in Hoag’s vision of a more comprehensive, whole-patient approach for the future of health care. Clinical research will play a key role in reaching that vision, giving the community earlier access to innovative therapies that are less toxic to the body while aiming to help eradicate disease. 

Clinical Trials at Hoag - By the Numbers - As of May 31, 2023

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