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The Hoag Hospital COVID-19 Support Fund supports Hoag in caring for our community members affected by the virus as well as the caregivers and staff working tirelessly to treat them. It also advances Hoag's participation and leadership in the discovery of COVID-19 treatment and vaccines.

Your gift can make an impact in areas such as:

COVID-19 General Support

Philanthropy helps offset costs of critically needed supplies, such as personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect the health of our patients, their families and our staff. Because of the fast-moving and ever-changing nature of the COVID-19 crisis, Hoag leadership directs dollars from the COVID-19 Support Fund to emergent needs as they arise, ensuring Hoag is prepared to meet the challenges of COVID-19.

COVID-19 Research

Thanks to the support of our donors, Hoag’s Center for Research and Education (HCRE) has emerged as a leader in clinical research. As a result, Hoag is on a short and elite list of health care systems with the infrastructure in place to conduct clinical trials of various drugs and other interventions for COVID-19. Since March of 2020, Hoag has participated in more than 20 COVID-19 clinical trials, providing access to cutting-edge therapies and innovative treatment, including options that have documented improved outcomes, such as decreased mortality and less time spent hospitalized. Philanthropic funds support the staffing resources, tests, statistical analysis, report generation and publication costs associated with Hoag’s continued COVID-19 research. Highlights of our current and ongoing research efforts are below:

  • Hoag was one of the top trial sites for the Gilead antiviral drug remdesivir. Our findings contributed to the FDA’s rapid approval for emergency use.
  • In partnership with the Mayo Clinic, Hoag completed an expanded access investigational trial providing convalescent plasma for Hoag patients infected with SARS-CoV-2. Hoag’s participation in the Mayo Clinic trial allowed a convalescent plasma treatment option for those patients in critical condition.
  • With the support of philanthropy and in partnership with the Orange County Health Care Agency, Hoag embarked on an ambitious serology trial, testing nearly 3,000 Hoag staff and other first responders for the presence of antibodies indicating previous infection and recovery. The study revealed that a very low percentage of those tested demonstrated antibodies indicative of previous COVID infection compared with the general Orange County population. This is evidence of the safety of the Hoag workplace and suggests that focused patient triage strategies, rigorous safety processes and education can make hospitals safe, essential businesses and even slow the spread of infection in the community.
  • Hoag enrolled the first patient in the phase I clinical trial of hAd5 COVID-19, a novel COVID-19 vaccine candidate. The trial, a collaboration between NantKwest, Inc., and ImmunityBio, selected Hoag as the trial site. Phase I examined the safety, side effects and immune system’s response to the vaccine candidate. Based on initial results, we anticipate phases II and III beginning soon.

COVID-19 Testing

A timely, accurate diagnosis of COVID-19 is our first line of defense and often informs future decisions that can save additional lives. As Hoag pursues treatment options against the virus, the most urgent focus is on increasing our testing bandwidth. Philanthropic funds support the significant upgrades necessary to expand Hoag’s current system, providing a critical leap forward in expanding testing for the safety and wellness of our community.

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“In this difficult and unprecedented time, we are heartened and comforted by the resilience of the human spirit. The community built Hoag and, as a community, we will get through this challenging time together.”

Flynn A. Andrizzi, Ph.D.
President, Hoag Hospital Foundation


Thank you from Hoag Hospital Foundation:

Knowing you’re thinking of them as they serve our community at this difficult time will provide much needed comfort and encouragement to our committed caregivers and staff.

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