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As spiritual and emotional care is often not covered by insurance, philanthropic support is a vital resource that allows Hoag to continue providing exceptional care for our patients and their loved ones, as well as our staff and community, at no cost. Your generosity also allows Hoag to train others to provide the same level of spiritual care. Donor support will sustain and grow a variety of Spiritual Life Programs at Hoag.


For more information on these giving opportunities and others in support of Spiritual Life, please contact Jessica Dostis, Major Gifts Officer, at (949) 764-7264 or Jessica.Dostis@hoag.org.


Hoag Hospital Irvine Chapel & Meditation Garden

Since opening in 2010, Hoag Hospital Irvine has been a leader in health care innovation, serving more than 50,000 patients annually. As the number of patients served at Hoag Hospital Irvine increases, so does the need to establish a home for religious and spiritual care that is reflective of the community’s diverse faith traditions. Currently, Hoag’s spiritual care team provides support at the bedside, with no formal space to hold daily prayer, private consultations or meditation services. Supporting the Chapel & Meditation Garden area at Hoag Hospital Irvine creates a sacred space where individuals can receive comfort and support as they navigate their health care journey.

Chaplain Residents

Hoag is proud to host chaplain residents so they can receive clinical theological training with a focus on the development of pastoral formation, reflection and competence to deliver the highest quality spiritual care. Chaplain residents respond and care for the spiritual, religious, emotional and ethical needs and concerns of patients, families and staff.

Clinical Pastoral Education Scholarship Fund

Chaplain interns integrate faith, experience and knowledge into their work of providing spiritual care in a clinical setting, and continuing education can enhance these abilities. Philanthropic funds will help relieve financial hardships, provide the necessary resources to support continuing Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and allow chaplain interns to engage in ministry in the clinical setting.

Hoag Faith Community Nursing

Hoag Faith Community Nursing strives to connect worshipers at local faith organizations with free or low-cost mental health services, including counseling, psychological evaluation and workshops. Faith Community Nursing is a specialized practice of professional registered nursing which combines the scientific practice of nursing with the spiritual beliefs of the community. Faith Community Nurses adapt their role to provide a wide array of preventative health services that range from education to acting as a health advocate to accessing needed services within the community.


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