Palliative Care
Fundraising Priorities


The Hoag Palliative Care Program will continue to seek opportunities to deepen the understanding of palliative care at Hoag and throughout our community while providing the highest level of care to patients. Philanthropy will bring needed outpatient palliative care services to Irvine and facilitate meaningful collaboration with primary care physicians.


For more information on these giving opportunities and others in support of the Hoag Palliative Care Program, please contact Heidi Saravia, Executive Director of Development, at 949-764-7238 or

Palliative Physician Recruitment Fund

Orange County is facing a shortage of palliative physicians. In order to grow and meet the needs of patients at Hoag’s two inpatient facilities, Hoag must recruit additional physician specialists. Funds earmarked for physician recruitment will allow Hoag to bring evidence-based palliative care practices to patients and their families as well as the community at large.

Research and Quality Improvement Projects

Philanthropic funds reserved for research provide opportunities to conduct, publish and present work that establishes Hoag’s palliative care team as a leader of best practices in palliative care. The palliative care team works towards standardizing early goals of care discussions as a quality improvement project and implementing research around these goals for publication.

Health Care Community Education Funds

Health Care Community Education Funds will further physician education in the field of primary palliative care skills for the Hoag Medical Group (HMG) and primary care community and provide communication training for RNs. Palliative care community education on advanced care planning and the benefits of early palliative care can provide life-changing benefits to our patients and their families.

Palliative Care Caregiver Support Program

Devoted caregivers are an invaluable source of support to loved ones who are palliative care patients, and many caregivers themselves could benefit from support and assistance in this role. The Palliative Care Caregiver Support Program aims to identify caregiver distress and provide potential interventions to assist caregivers of outpatient palliative care patients.


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