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Our Donors Make the Difference

On behalf of Hoag Newport Beach and all of the patients and families we serve, we offer our heart-felt gratitude to our donors for their support. Their generosity provides resources to implement innovative technological advances, expand our support programs, provide education and training to our nurses and staff, and maintain the level of excellence we strive for each day. Simply put, our patients have a better experience because of our donors.
Philanthropic gifts supported the 2015 Critical Care Nursing Conference. The following is an excerpt from a thank you note from a Hoag nurse:
“I am one of the critical care charge nurses who attended the ‘Share to Care’ conference hosted here at Hoag. This was the first time critical care teams from other organizations aligned with Hoag came together as a group to share our current practices.  This was a phenomenal experience for the all who attended.  This event provided a forum for us to share ideas across hospitals.  There was a wealth of experience and knowledge shared among the group.  This conference will raise the standard of care for all patients across our network.”

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