Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute
Fundraising Priorities


From the very the beginning, philanthropy has been the platform for the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute’s innovation and progress. The community’s generosity spurs continued advancement in brain and spine care that will benefit patients for generations to come.


For more information on these giving opportunities and others in support of the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, contact Jennifer Brown, Executive Director, Clinical Institutes, at (949) 764-7454 or Jennifer.Brown@Hoag.org.


Advanced Brain & Spine Operating Room Suites

Hoag is taking complex brain and spinal surgical procedures to new technological heights with the installment of two advanced and fully integrated Brain & Spine Operating Room (OR) Suites. The two new 820 square-foot OR suites feature state-of-the-art equipment and technology designed to significantly enhance surgical communications and efficiencies that improve the patient experience and outcomes. With the new suites, Hoag becomes the first hospital in California to pioneer a groundbreaking new technological advancement called the CollaboratOR. The unique, multipoint touchscreen system allows the surgeon and surgical team to simultaneously view, monitor and analyze an array of information to assist in brain and spinal surgeries, enhancing efficiency, communication and collaboration.

Neurosciences Specialty Clinic

The Neurosciences Specialty Clinic was developed to provide comprehensive care and management for a range of complex neurological disorders, including movement disorders, epilepsy and other nervous system disorders that often require multiple specialists for appropriate care. This colocation of services and providers addresses the complex physical, psychological and social needs for patients in one facility, moving beyond the fragmented care that is often the norm. Philanthropy will help the Clinic further its reach and expand services to include refractory depression, multiple sclerosis, neuroimmunology and the full spectrum of neuropathy care. The Clinic is outfitted to evolve as future patient needs and new therapeutic options become available. Philanthropy will position PFNI to remain on the forefront of innovative treatment options for this complex set of diseases.

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