Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute
Campaign Advisory Committee


In Recognition and Gratitude

Jerry Jones

We extend our deepest appreciation to those from our community who have stepped forward to lead. These volunteer leaders are the driving force behind the Hoag Promise Campaign.

Thank you to our Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute Campaign Committee.

Jerry Jones

Committee Members:
Lin Auer
Ted Baxter
Trish Berchtold
Michael Brant-Zawadzki

Mary Carrington
Jim Connelly
John Curci
Sarah Drislane
Jake Easton
Laurie Easton
Tracy Friedman
Gary Fudge
Kambria Hittelman
Gigi Lewin
Pam Massey
Carolyn McKitterick
Sandi Mitchell
Michael Muzzy
Janet Ray
Cindy Stokke
Sandi Simon
Bill Thompson
Ginny Ueberroth
Richard Voltmer
Carol Wilken
Kent Wilken
Sandra Wirta


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