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Dr. Louis is a fellowship-trained neurosurgeon and Program Director of the Skull Base and Pituitary Tumor Program

Keeping the Promise of Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute

Visionary donors have embraced the mission of Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute and we have tremendous success to show for it.
Going forward, philanthropy will continue to be a central plank in building on the Neurosciences Institute platform.
The Hoag Promise Campaign gives all of us a way to make a real and sustainable difference in our community.
It will help Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute give people back their sense of self, their very lives.


For more information about the campaign priorities of the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute, please contact Stacy Skwarlo, Senior Director of Development, at 949-764-7210 or Stacy.Skwarlo@Hoag.org


Click here for a complete list of Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute Campaign Priorities.

Big Ideas

We’ve created a collaborative environment that fosters creativity and innovation with a direct application to patient care. The Hoag Promise Campaign will invest in advances in technology and new approaches to care to provide the best outcomes to our patients.

  • Orange County Vital Brain Aging Program - This groundbreaking program provides education and assessments to local physicians and community members to help delay, and even prevent, the onset of cognitive impairment such as Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Center for Neurobehavioral Health - A multidisciplinary team of neurologists, pain specialists, a psychiatrist/neuropsychologist team and interventionalists will care for chronic and complex neurobehavioral problems that traditionally have been abandoned by conventional medicine. Patients will receive a comprehensive evaluation by a team of specialists to identify and treat the true underlying nature of these disorders.

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Empowering You

Our multidisciplinary approach provides our patients with best combination of expertise for their individual health challenges. The Hoag Promise Campaign priorities empower patients with the right resources, tools and information, at the right time.

  • Stroke Rehabilitation Center – Immediate intervention at the Stroke Rehab Center upon discharge from Hoag assists stroke patients to get their lives back.
  • Nurse Navigators for Key Programs including Stroke, Brain Tumor, Epilepsy, Neuro-Behavioral Health, Movement Disorders, Neuro-Spine and Sleep - Assisting patients by guiding them through every step of the continuum of care, from diagnosis through treatment, recovery and beyond.
  • Movement Disorders Rehabilitation - Specialized physical therapy to increase function and quality of life for those with chronic movement disorders.

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Extraordinary Leaders

We are extremely fortunate that our community has attracted physician and nurse leaders of the highest caliber, dedicating their careers to saving lives. Here’s how the Hoag Promise Campaign will support them in their important work.

  • Endowed Chairs for Key Programs including Acute Rehabilitation, Stroke, Brain Tumor, Epilepsy, Neuro-Behavioral Health, Movement Disorders and Neuro-Spine - Supporting Hoag physician leaders and providing resources for chair holders to advance their areas of specialty. Assisting Hoag in attracting and retaining renowned clinical leaders.
  • Advanced Nurse Educators – Experienced nurses provide real-time training and support to specialized nurses throughout the Pickup Family Neurosciences Institute

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Invest in high-quality health care for the people in our community and around Orange County.

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