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Keeping the Promise of the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center

Since its opening in 2009, the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center has made a positive difference in the lives of men, women and children with diabetes in our community. There have been many successes. The Allen Diabetes Center provides one-stop access to a full range of education and patient-centered diabetes support.  We are keeping the promise of the Allen Diabetes Center to become the hub of integrated diabetes care and education in Orange County for all cultures at all life stages.  We provide services for all, regardless of ability to pay.  All of this is completely funded by philanthropy.


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Big Ideas

Born of innovation, the original concept of the Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center itself is a Big Idea. The Hoag Promise Campaign invests in the latest programs, services and research in field of diabetes care, management and prevention.  We are committed to continually innovating.

  • Named Diabetes Community Initiatives (Persian, South Asian, Chinese and Latino) - Culturally sensitive programs tailored to the needs of various cultures in our community including language, cuisine and cultural norms.

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Empowering You

The Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center has taken a decentralized and confusing array of disparate services and created a comprehensive one-stop community resource. Going forward, the Hoag Promise Campaign priorities empower diabetes patients, and their families, with the right resources, tools and information, at the right time.

  • Healthcare Navigation Program – Nurse navigators guide patients through diagnosis, treatment and recovery and facilitate comprehensive, patient-centered care. Nurse navigators greatly reduce the time between diagnosis and treatment and reduce stress for patients and their loved ones.

  • Pediatric Adolescent Diabetes Research Education (PADRE) - PADRE programs help many low-income and vulnerable children who live with Type 1 Diabetes. PADRE provides over 100 classes and support groups annually to approximately 2,000 children and their parents and siblings, providing them with much-needed diabetes self-care education that goes beyond what is provided at initial diagnosis. These programs are completely funded through philanthropy.

  • CHOC Children's (CHOC) in collaboration with the Allen Diabetes Center offers pediatric endocrinology care, education and support services for children with diabetes and their families. Thoughtfully designed with easy access to the kitchen and exercise room, the CHOC Children’s Clinic has greatly expanded the care for children with, and at risk for, diabetes

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Extraordinary Leaders

We are extremely fortunate that our community has attracted physician and nurse leaders of the highest caliber, dedicating their careers to saving lives. Here’s how the Hoag Promise Campaign will support them in their important work.

  • Diabetes Conferences - The Mary & Dick Allen Diabetes Center has established itself as the hub for health care professionals to learn about best practices and innovations in diabetes management.  Professional conferences hosted by the Allen Center include Diabetes: What’s New? What’s Next?; CME Conference and Hoag Annual Diabetes Conference for Health Care Professionals.

  • Endowed Chair for Pediatric Endocrinology—Supporting Hoag physician leaders and providing resources for chair holders to advance their areas of specialty. Assisting Hoag in attracting and retaining renowned clinical leaders.

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