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Keeping the Promise of Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart & Vascular Institute

The Jeffrey M. Carlton Heart & Vascular Institute is already a success by any measure. We are not content to rest at this point, nor can we be. It’s imperative that we stay current with advances in treatments and technology. We must also continually improve on the patient experience.  The priorities of the Hoag Promise Campaign will drive our progress, our innovation and our continued leadership.


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Big Ideas

Our success lies in the ability to innovate. The Hoag Promise Campaign invests in big leaps over incremental change. We are committed to continually innovating to offer leading-edge treatments and technologies.

  • Advanced Heart Failure Program - Building on the success of our inpatient Heart Failure Program, Hoag is uniquely poised to be a leader in Advanced Heart Failure care. The first of its kind in the county, Hoag’s Advanced Heart Failure Program would consist of a multi-disciplinary team of cardiologists, surgeons and specialists working together to provide patients and their families with the greatest quality of life possible.
  • Advanced Heart Valve Evaluation - A program that uses the latest technology and techniques to evaluate the mitral and aortic valves using advanced 3-D mapping and printing to measure and track volume and values.

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Empowering You

With the right people, tools and information patients are better equipped to navigate through challenging health issues.  The Hoag Promise Campaign funds seamless, coordinated and cohesive care by providing the right resources, tools and information, at the right time.

  • Nurse Navigation – Assisting patients by guiding them through every step of the continuum of care, from diagnosis through treatment, recovery and beyond.
  • Cardiovascular Short Stay Unit - Hoag is committed to getting our patients back to health and home as soon as possible. With the creation of the Cardiovascular Short Stay Unit, Hoag will be the first in Orange County to provide our heart & vascular patients a unique, medically appropriate space to recover from minimally invasive procedures. Because these patients can sit up, walk and eat immediately after their procedures, a comfortable recovery area will not only increase efficiency in the hospital—allowing Hoag to serve more members of our community—it will significantly enhance the patient experience.

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Extraordinary Leaders

We are extremely fortunate that our community has attracted physician and nurse leaders of the highest caliber, dedicating their careers to saving lives. Here’s how the Hoag Promise Campaign will support them in their important work.

  • Endowed Chairs—Supporting Hoag physician leaders and providing resources for chair holders to advance their areas of specialty. Assisting Hoag in attracting and retaining renowned clinical leaders.
  • Staff Education and Advanced Training—Providing continuing education and training for Hoag nurses and clinical staff to maintain the exemplary level of care provided at Hoag and remain in the forefront of new advances in their specialties.

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