Hoag - Irvine
Campaign Advisory Committee


In Recognition and Gratitude

Kyle Wescoat

We extend our deepest appreciation to those from our community who have stepped forward to lead. These volunteer leaders are the driving force behind the Hoag Promise Campaign.

Thank you to our Hoag Irvine Campaign Committee.

Kyle Wescoat

Committee Members:
Kathie Armstrong
Alan Beyer, MD
Kurt Binder
Marcy Brown
Nancy Bushnell
James Caillouette, MD
Missy Pace Callero
Kathy Colao, MA, RD
Curtis Ellmore
Otis Healy
David Horowitz
Bob Juneman
J. Andrew Keyoung, MD
Carolyn McKitterick
Steve Mensinger
Jeffery Morris
Thomas L. Olds, Jr.
Carlos A. Prietto, MD
James Ray
Jeffrey H. Reeves
Jeffrey Shaw
Katherine Shen



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Invest in high-quality health care for the people in our community and around Orange County.

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