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Philanthropic Leaders Dedicated to Advancing Hoag

The Hoag Innovators, founded and led by Hoag Hospital Foundation Board Chair Robert Brunswick and his wife Kitty, is a group of philanthropists, entrepreneurs and community leaders who are leveraging the power of collective giving to move Hoag forward as a destination for world-class care.


For more information, please contact Christy Ward, vice president, major and principal gifts, at (949) 764-7238 or Christy.Ward@hoag.org. 


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Innovators gather twice a year and meet with Hoag’s administrative and physician leaders to:

•  Learn Hoag’s strategy to remain a leading health care provider
•  Get an insider’s view of the latest health care advances proposed for Hoag
•  Collectively determine Hoag Innovator’s annual fund allocation
•  Truly make a difference in our community by supporting Hoag’s culture of innovation


Hoag Innovators contribute at the Advocate level ($250,000+) or above to the Innovators Fund. Gifts, which may be made over a five-year timeframe, count toward the Hoag Promise Campaign and qualify donors to access Hoag’s Benefactor Program.


“This will be a great opportunity to get an inside look at medical breakthroughs directly from Hoag physicians, and it’s my hope that our group’s activation will spur others to participate in supporting Hoag’s innovation strategy.”

~ Robert Brunswick, Hoag Innovators co-Founder and Chair, Hoag Hospital Foundation Board of Directors

Ten reasons why ...

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Below are a few examples that underscore Hoag’s commitment to continually leading, innovating and transforming health care:

•  Hoag pioneered the first FDA-cleared robotic platform designed for interventional cardiologists which reduces physician and patient radiation exposure by 95 percent and increases clinical precision.
•  Hoag Family Cancer Institute changed the trajectory of cancer care in our community with precision medicine which uses an individual’s genetic information to create targeted, personalized treatment therapies.
•  Telehealth services in Hoag’s Emergency Department and other care units allow Hoag patients to interact quickly with the best medical professionals and specialists, regardless of their location.


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