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Advanced imaging aids in cancer diagnosis and treatment planning

Keeping the Promise of Hoag Family Cancer Institute

Leaders at Hoag Family Cancer Institute are creating a convergence of the best cancer care available today with a phenomenal patient experience. This type of extraordinary innovation takes extraordinary support. The Hoag Promise Campaign creates the path to our bigger vision—a comprehensive, multi-disciplinary, personalized and patient-centered experience for every patient. We believe this approach gives cancer patients the best care and quality of life. It’s what they deserve. It’s what they should expect. It's what we expect from ourselves.

For more information, please contact Gwen Ritter, Executive Director, at (949) 764-7209 or Gwen.Ritter@hoag.org.


Click here for a complete list of Hoag Family Cancer Institute Campaign Priorities.

Big Ideas

When it comes to cancer prevention, diagnosis and treatment, we intend to lead, not follow. The Hoag Promise Campaign invests in the latest advances in the quickly evolving field of cancer care. We are committed to continually innovating to offer leading-edge therapies that increase survival rates.

  • Center for Precision Oncology—In the past, traditional cancer care was defined and its treatment was formulated based on the organ of origin. In recent years, researchers and physicians have found that the location where a cancer is detected, might not be its defining characteristic. By looking at the tumor’s genetic profile with special testing, physicians are able to recommend an approved drug or clinical protocol, not previously considered and treat cancers more effectively.
  • Developmental Therapeutics Program—Providing access to the newest therapeutic agents (drugs in phases 1 and 2 of clinical research trials) before they become widely available. Click here to view Giving Opportunities for our Developmental Therapeutics Program.

  • High Risk Cancer Prevention and Early Detection—At HFCI prevention and early detection are critical in our approach to fighting cancer. Approximately 15% of all cancers are inherited. Mutations in specific non-cancer genes are passed from one blood relative to another, creating a great chance of developing cancer at an earlier age. Hoag’s precision medicine and hereditary cancer programs combine to provide risk assessment counseling and genetic testing. Patients who are at increased cancer risk are enrolled in tumor specific high-risk surveillance programs with personalized screening plans designed to detect cancer at the earliest possible stage or prevent it altogether.

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Empowering You

Patients experience cancer care as a disorganized maze of confusing options and conflicting information—all while fighting for their lives. We are creating a system where our patients are supported every step of the way. The Hoag Promise Campaign priorities empower patients with the right resources, tools and information, at the right time.

  • Comprehensive, Site-Specific Programs (Breast, Lung, Melanoma, etc.)—Providing a multi-disciplinary team approach for each patient through disease-specific specialty programs that focus care on the unique pathology and behavior of individual cancer types.
  • Nurse Navigation—Assisting patients with all tumor types by guiding them through every step of the continuum of care, from diagnosis through treatment, recovery and beyond.
  • Hoag Health Center Irvine Cancer Center—Bringing the Hoag brand of comprehensive cancer care to the Irvine community.

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Extraordinary Leaders

We are extremely fortunate that our community has attracted physician and nurse leaders of the highest caliber, dedicating their careers to saving lives. Here’s how the Hoag Promise Campaign will support them in their important work.

  • Endowed Chairs—Supporting Hoag physician leaders and providing resources for chair holders to advance their areas of specialty. Assisting Hoag in attracting and retaining renowned clinical leaders.
  • Staff Education and Advanced Training—Providing continuing education and training for Hoag nurses and clinical staff to maintain the exemplary level of care provided at Hoag and remain in the forefront of new advances in their specialties.
  • HFCI Program Director, Survivorship Program—The term cancer survivor is commonly used to describe someone who has completed anticancer therapy and presently shows no sign of the disease. These patients must go on with their lives, but live with the ongoing fear of recurrence and often physical and emotional side effects and consequences of their cancer therapies. Hoag’s survivorship program helps patients and families manage and address physical and emotional changes they may experience post treatment. Our team works closely with oncologists and includes a variety of expert such as rehabilitation specialists, psychologists, dieticians, social workers and complementary and alternative therapy specialists. A Program Director would help coordinate specialists, build programs and ensure every Hoag cancer survivor has access to comprehensive survivorship resources.
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