Circle 1000


32nd Annual Circle 1000 Underwriters


The Irwin Family
JW and Sandra Mitchell Foundation
Ginny and Peter Ueberroth
Susan Werner and John Hagestad


Dee Dee Anderson Family
Kling Family Foundation / Jackie Glass
Karen and Tom Linden
Ann and Robert Lucas
Sandy Sewell


Don and Janet Ayres, Jr.
Vicki and Bill Booth
Shelley and Phil Belling
Lynette and Richard Berg
Bob and Diana Brookes
Mr. and Mrs. James O. Buckingham
Scott and Jody Burnham Family
Janet L. Curci
Phyllis F. Easton
Cheri and Dave Ekedal
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Joseph
Lewis Family Charitable Foundation
Ron and Sandy Livingston
Danny and Jeri McKenna
Melinda and Tony Moiso
Kylie Schuyler and Doug Hodge
Mike and Tara Shapiro
Carolyn and Peter Shea
James and Jamison Shepherdson
The Terry Family Foundation
Marilyn von KleinSmid-Randolph
Nancy and Arn Youngman


The Hank Weeks Family


Robert and Sheryl Anderson 
Mrs. Dorothy Bendetti
Mary V. Buckingham
Diane and Jim Connelly
Crevier Family Foundation
Roger and Sandy DeYoung
Laurie and Jake Easton, III
Sandy Fainbarg
Frome Family Foundation
Heather Gaughan and Family
Marie Gray
Ken and Stephanie Grody
Dan and Sue Guggenheim
Ginny and Dave Hanna
Maralou and Jerry Harrington
Laura Khouri and Michael K. Hayde
Jeanette Bertea Hennings Foundation
JoAnn Hertel
Teri and Alan Hoops
Karen and Jon Jaffe
Parker S. Kennedy
Beth and Tommy Knapp
Alicia and Vance Mape
Marilyn McIntyre
Jim and Ann Morris
Julie Mumma
Muzzy Family Fund
Trish O'Donnell
Kathy and Sam Perricone
Michelle Rohe
JR Selby
The Sence Foundation
Laurie Sewell-Cappello and Jeff Sewell
Nancy and Geoffrey Stack
George and Katie Tuerk
Dr. and Mrs. Louis VanderMolen
Jean and Tim Weiss

Sapphire Circle

Ginger and Tony Allen 
Frances and John Applegate, MD
Edie Barvin
Kingsley and Jack Croul
Kathryn Glassmyer Cenci / South Coast Plaza
Jan Turner Hering and J. Clark Booth in memory of Kay and John Turner
Ursula M. Hoshaw
Kathy Johnson
Jill Johnson-Tucker
Pam and Chris Massey
Donna Miller
Connie and Ron Robertson
Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Rooney
David and Patsy Schweitzer
Dennis and Janet Shannon
Marilyn Sutton
Heidi Ueberroth
Keri Ueberroth
Polly and Joe Ueberroth
Julie and Justin Wilson


Pearl Circle

Susan Anderson
Jill and John Aschieris
Lin Auer
William W. Blackburn
Mr. and Mrs. William Barrington
Trish and Mike Berchtold
Mary Lynn Bergman-Rallis
Bob and Terry Callahan
Linda and Denny Campbell
The Cannery / Louie's Restaurants
Kris and Jay Carnahan
Sally and Randy Crockett
John L. and Carol Curci
Lesly and John Davenport
The Davis Family
Mary Allyn Dexter
Richard and Dee Dick
James and Tammy Evatt
Frances Farrer
Katie Flamson
Katherine and James Flynn
Bob and Gay Fontanesi
Tracy and Steve Friedmann
Wendy and Ken Gerdau
Jocelyn Gilbert
Joann and Otis Healy
Peter and Susan Hitch
Tom and Mimi Hogan
Pam and Mike Howard
Kris V. Iyer, MD and Maria G. Dacosta-Iyer, M.D.
Mr. and Mrs. Mike Jager
Rick John in memory of Rosalind Williams John
Betsy and Ray King
Jim and Sally Knapp
Mr. and Mrs. Ron Lane
Tom and Marianne Larkin
Jane Manolakas
Wendy Martini
Deb and Tim McCune
Lori and Joe McKay
Cindy McKee
Carolyn Clark McKitterick
The Merriman Family
Barbara and Ed Meserve
Jan Moody
Priscella J. Moore
Pacific Hospitalist Associates
Kelly Pauls-Cummings
Kathryn Pearlman
Dorthea and Peter Perrin
Sidney R. Petersen
Mary Robins Philpot
Mary and Pete Rabbitt
Teddie Ray
Gini Robins
Kathy and Rick Robinson
Mr. and Mrs. Schreyer
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Schriber
Paula and John Stanek
Dr. and Mrs. Jim Stanley
Al and Cindy Stokke
Stacy Stone
Shannon and Byron Tarnutzer
Graham, Harrison and Gretchen Tingler
Martinus B. and Katharine M. Van der Steen
Molly A. Walters
Lloyd Wise
Tracy and Larry Wood
Anne Worrell

Jade Circle

Mary Allen 
Mary Elizabeth Andrews
Emily Barker
Richard and Judy Bauer
Linda L. Bertone
Lisa Braithwaite
Victoria Brant-Zawadzki
Allyson Brooks
M. Diane Buchanan
Julie Carpenter
Jane and Richard Croul
Walter B. Eeds
Roberta Feuerstein
Sherry R. Fix
Gochnauer Family Foundation
Glenna Granzella
Andrew Guarni
Chris and Jill Gwaltney
Jana Hackett
Debbie and Jeff Margolis
Christy and Lou Marlin
Dandy O'Shea and Pat McCalla
SC McAfee Family Foundation
Michael Nusskern Boutique
Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Miller
Jeffrey S. Moorad
Richard O'Hara and Therese Poitevin
Kerry O'Neil
Lynn Pyle
Penny Rauth
Sam and Francesca Rehnborg
Terry and Nica Sheward
Jim and Susie Simpson
Ashley Smith
Susan Thomas
Tabitha and Steve Unterberger
Rosemarie Wallack
The Wilder Foundation
The Winkelmann Family
Bob and Corky Winters
Mr. and Mrs. George H. Wood
Dan and Leslee Young


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