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Keeping the Promise of Hoag Community Benefit

A community asset, Hoag is also a responsible community citizen. We proactively partner with likeminded organizations who offer complementary services. These collaborations are focused on leveraging what we each do best to meet the needs of Orange County residents, particularly those who are disadvantaged and underserved. 

With the support of our donor family, we are providing access to needed health care, education and resources for needy families living in our community. 

For more information, contact Angela Gomez, Major Gift Officer, 949-764-7222 or

Big Ideas

The Hoag Promise Campaign will invest in new ways to maximize access to important community heath, wellness and education services. Innovations in space and resource sharing will leverage collaborations to provide a full range of support for our most vulnerable populations.

  • Melinda Hoag Smith Center for Healthy Living - Providing a hub for Hoag Community Benefit services such as outpatient mental health services, faith community nursing and pastoral care. It’s also a community access point for many other non-profit agencies.

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Empowering You

The Hoag Promise Campaign priorities empower patients with the right resources, tools and information at the right time.

  • Project Wipeout - Saving lives and preventing injuries by developing and delivering beach safety information.
  • Faith Community Nursing - Connecting worshipers at local faith organizations with free or low-cost mental health services including counseling, psychological evaluation and workshops.

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Extraordinary Leaders

We are extremely fortunate that our community has attracted physician and nurse leaders of the highest caliber, dedicating their careers to saving lives. Here’s how the Hoag Promise Campaign will support them in their important work.

  • Therapists/Case Managers for Outpatient Mental Health - Additional staff to support this vital community resource.
  • Endowed Chair to support Gwyn Parry, M.D., Director, Hoag Department of Community Benefit - Providing resources for Dr. Parry and future chair holders to advance and enhance services offered to our community’s most vulnerable.

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Invest in high-quality health care for the people in our community and around Orange County.

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