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The community’s generosity has made Hoag Family Cancer Institute a leader and innovator in cancer care. Scientific research and medical breakthroughs are advancing at an unparalleled pace, and donor support will ensure Hoag Family Cancer Institute remains on the leading edge, maximizing our impact and providing hope to patients today and in the future.


For more information on these giving opportunities and others in support of Hoag Family Cancer Institute, please contact Jennifer Stameson, Executive Director of Development, at (949) 764-7210 or Jennifer.Stameson@hoag.org.


Expanding Specialized Cancer Care in Irvine

Since the opening of Hoag Hospital Irvine in 2010, Hoag has been serving the communities of Irvine and South Orange County with outstanding and culturally responsive health care. As health care changes and Orange County’s needs grow, Hoag will once again transform health care delivery in Irvine. Hoag’s significant investment will include the construction of the Hoag Family Cancer Institute/Hoag Digestive Health Institute Pavilion, which will play a key role in implementing and advancing new and unique programs for cancer and digestive health patients. With the help of philanthropy, the Pavilion will house a multispecialty cancer hospital where patients can access all services in one building, including a dedicated cancer inpatient unit and cancer-focused emergency care. It will grow to become a destination center in Southern California known for exceptional, personalized cancer care that prioritizes both innovation and human connection.

Center for Precision Oncology, Genetics and Genomics

Cancer has traditionally been treated with therapy generally selected based on the organ location of the tumor – breast, lung, colon and so on. In recent years, scientific researchers and physicians have begun to unravel the unique genetic codes that drive an individual’s cancer, rendering a “one size fits all approach” obsolete. Using precision oncology, physicians leverage novel genomic technologies, such as tumor profiling, to identify the genetic abnormalities causing an individual’s tumor and select the precise therapies that will target those genetic changes. This highly personalized approach is opening new treatment options for patients who may have been told there was nothing else that could be done. This advanced care is happening at Hoag Family Cancer Institute every day. Philanthropy will aid the development of a Center for Precision Oncology, Genetics and Genomics that will utilize scientific advances in precision oncology in real time, benefiting every patient and driving innovation in the field.

Developmental Therapeutics/Clinical Trials Program

Hoag Family Cancer Institute revolutionized community-based cancer care when it became the first community hospital in Orange County to offer access to therapeutic agents still in development (drugs in phases 1 and 2 of clinical research trials). These types of therapies – based on the latest and still-evolving science – are typically only available at large academic medical centers. The ability to attract the most groundbreaking clinical trials requires renowned clinical experts and a robust research infrastructure. Philanthropy makes this possible at Hoag and will grow this high-impact program, opening additional clinical trials and ensuring every cancer patient has the opportunity to participate in innovative clinical research.

High-Risk Cancer Prevention and Early Detection Program

Hoag Family Cancer Institute believes cancer prevention and early detection are just as important as life-saving treatments and is developing programs that identify those at the highest risk of developing cancer to help them live their healthiest lives. Hoag Family Cancer Institute’s Precision Medicine and Hereditary Cancer Programs work collaboratively to provide risk assessment counseling and genetic testing. Those identified to be at increased cancer risk are enrolled in tumor-specific, high-risk surveillance programs with personalized screening plans designed to detect cancer at the earliest possible stage or prevent it altogether. Philanthropy will expand these offerings and allow Hoag Family Cancer Institute to help more individuals and families prevent cancer.

Molecular Imaging Program

Where other diagnostic imaging procedures predominantly offer anatomical pictures, molecular imaging allows physicians to see how the body is functioning and to measure its chemical and biological processes to create personalized cancer therapies. Molecular imaging can be used to identify cancer in its earliest stages and determine the exact location of a tumor, often before symptoms occur or abnormalities can be detected with other diagnostic tests. As this exciting field advances and brings new hope to cancer patients, philanthropic support will position Hoag Family Cancer Institute to launch a state-of-the-art program.

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