About the Campaign


The Way Forward

In the past, we made decisions to build, renovate or expand with the faith that you would wholeheartedly support us. And you did. Because you did, we can all depend on receiving exceptional care when we need it. Today and going forward, philanthropy plays an even more critical role. 

The Hoag Promise Campaign pushes past limits imposed by health care reform and diminished reimbursements.  It represents certainty in uncertain times. Meeting our Campaign goals ensures that Hoag will keep its promise of providing the level of service and care you’ve come to expect.

Put simply, this is a partnership. The community built Hoag. The community has helped shape it into what it is today. The community’s support will determine what Hoag grows into tomorrow. You’ve put your trust in Hoag to lead the way forward. We are asking you to join us to create the best of what health care can be.

Our Greatest Achievements Lie in the Future

The Hoag Promise Campaign is comprehensive in the truest sense of the word. Its goes wide. The Campaign encompasses every institute, center and specialty area of Hoag. And, it goes deep. It includes programs, innovation opportunities, education, research, technology, facilities and clinical staff for each area.

The Campaign goals fall into one of three overarching themes that connect fundraising priorities from throughout Hoag to meaningful community benefits:

The Promise of Big Ideas
The Promise of Empowering You
The Promise of Extraordinary Leaders


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Invest in high-quality health care for the people in our community and around Orange County.

Ways to Give

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