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The Hoag Family Foundation provided the leadership funds to build the original Hoag Hospital in 1952 and community support of Hoag has made an impact on every subsequent improvement, expansion and acquisition.

Flynn A. Andrizzi, Ph.D.

President, Hoag Hospital Foundation

The visionary community leaders who partnered with the greater community to open the original Hoag Hospital in 1952 changed the trajectory of community health in Orange County. Their history-making achievement set the foundation for unprecedented access to outstanding health care in our region.

Since that time, through an extraordinary six decade partnership with the communities we serve, Hoag has evolved into an exceptional Orange County asset. Over the years, many successful fundraising initiatives have raised significant funds to firmly establish Hoag as a leader on the forefront of advanced care.

In the past, the decision to build, renovate or expand was made with the faith that community members would step in and assist us in bringing the latest advances to Hoag. That faith was well placed and the result is world-class care right here in our community. This approach was very successful in the decades of relative stability in the health care market.

Today and going forward, philanthropy plays a critical role in Hoag’s ability to push past limits imposed by diminished reimbursements. The community built Hoag, the community has helped shape it into what it is today and the community’s support will determine what it grows into tomorrow.

Hoag Promise, Our Campaign to Lead, Innovate & Transform, takes the best of what Hoag does today and builds from there. Leaders from across Hoag collaborated to identify the best ways to use philanthropy to accelerate innovation organization-wide.  Every leader, from every area is engaged. Every institute and center is touched. Every program is enhanced.  With a goal of $627 million, the promise of the comprehensive campaign is to drive Hoag’s continued clinical leadership, innovative spirit and transformative potential.

You have put your trust in Hoag to lead the way forward in providing extraordinary care. The strategic priorities of the Hoag Promise Campaign represent certainty in uncertain times. Meeting the campaign fundraising goals ensures that Hoag will continue to provide the level of service and care you’ve come to expect.


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Invest in high-quality health care for the people in our community and around Orange County.

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