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Exceeding the Goals of the Hoag Promise Campaign

Kathleen M. Armstrong

Chair, Hoag Hospital Foundation Board

It’s my pleasure to serve as the Chair of the Hoag Hospital Foundation Board at a very exciting time. Although we surpassed the overall Hoag Promise Campaign goal of $627 million eighteen months ahead of schedule, we are not slowing down. In 2020, we are tasked with meeting the remaining goals for each of Hoag’s clinical areas.

I know we will complete this final year of the Hoag Promise Campaign with all of the passion and commitment we demonstrated at the public launch in 2015. I’m very excited to take on the work ahead of us.

Since the beginning, the community has played an active role in shaping what Hoag has become. Thanks to your support, Hoag has boldly introduced leading-edge technologies—many times being the first or only organization in the region to offer such advances. Philanthropy has also brought innovative programs and approaches to care and recruited top-notch clinical and administrative leadership who bring new levels of expertise and advances to our community.  

It’s my honor to serve on the Hoag Hospital Foundation Board with a group of extraordinarily committed volunteer leaders. Looking forward as we embark on the final year of the Hoag Promise Campaign, we are preparing Hoag for its next evolution. If the past has shown us anything, it’s that we are ready to do great things together.


Kathleen M. Armstrong



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