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The Hoag and the community need each other - We have an interdependent relationship that benefits everyone.

Cindy Stokke

Chair, Hoag Hospital Foundation Board

By any measure, the partnership between Hoag and the communities we serve has resulted in an extraordinary community asset. Up to this point, Hoag clinical leaders have focused on making continual improvements to their areas of specialty. Exceptional care was the goal. They delivered.  Consistently.

Going forward, Hoag is being called to do more, innovate more and deliver more value with less traditional resources. New demands call for a new approach. Hoag Promise, Our Campaign to Lead, Innovate & Transform is something different than you’ve ever seen before from Hoag.

The process of launching Hoag’s first ever comprehensive campaign called on visionary Hoag clinical leaders to focus their energy and attention on how Hoag can be better in the future. Not iterative, year-over-year change, but true transformation. We asked them to take the long view. We asked to them to collaborate like never before. We asked them, “What can Hoag be if we put all limitations aside?”

They answered the call. They’ve created a vision which we’ve translated into a set of long-range strategic fundraising priorities. These priorities collectively represent an unprecedented elevation and integration of care. Put simply, we are investing in a level of care as fine as any you’ll find anywhere else in the country.

We are launching the Hoag Promise Campaign on behalf of every person who sets foot in a Hoag facility. Through the campaign, each and every donor votes with their dollars for the level of healthcare they expect from Hoag. Donor intent and commitment are the driving forces behind what Hoag will become.

It’s an honor to serve our philanthropic community who has rallied around the idea of ensuring world-class healthcare here in Orange County.  I’m proud to partner with you to shape Hoag’s future.

I deeply appreciate your continued support and look forward to what we will accomplish together going forward.


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Invest in high-quality health care for the people in our community and around Orange County.

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